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Shrewsbury Steampunk Spectacular


We are delighted to be hosting the inaugural Shrewsbury Steampunk Spectacular on the weekend of 24th -25th March 2018.  This will be the most exciting festival offering fun and excitement for all the family Shrewsbury has seen in many years.

Steampunk events are immensely popular, appealing to families, couples  the young and not so young! It really does capture the imagination of all ages.

It will be the most splendid and spectacular show, the kind of which Shrewsbury has never witnessed before and is being eagerly anticipated amongst the Steampunk community and performers alike.

The event will focus around a Steampunk market at St Mary’s Church, but lots of exciting attractions will be available throughout the whole of the town.

There will be historic walking tours covering the many intriguing aspects of Shrewsbury, a chance to visit Coleham Pumping Station in all its Steam filled splendour.

Charles Darwin will see visitors arrive to explore his former school and Steampunk dressed librarians will offer activities and tours of the Shrewsbury Library.

Workshops will take place at St Mary’s Church, offering families the chance to try out and make musical instruments from scrap metal! 

Dancers, magicians and musicians will delight with Steampunk entertainment over the entire weekend.

On Saturday evening, The Buttermarket Cellars will provide the perfect Victorian venue for a fabulous line up of the best in Steampunk music and entertainment.  It is going to be rather marvellous!


Shrewsbury is perfect for Steampunk

Imagine a world without electricity! A world powered solely by steam and steeped in the novels of Jules Verne and H G Wells, think how creative the Victorians would have needed to be to live in such a way! The Steampunk community revels in this world, they love to create, invent and up-cycle in unimaginable ways.  

They drink lots of tea and have been known to duel with the occasional digestive biscuit! 

Oh, and they also enjoy the occasional gin, while others have been known to drink the local brew, so do come along and join in!

They love to dress up in what can only be described as Victorian and Edwardian high fashion with the added influences of the American “Wild West” and “burlesque” to name but a few, culminating in an amazing feast for the eyes!

Time travellers, Airship enthusiasts and many other fascinating and wonderful people will arrive from the four corners of the planet to our wonderful town and we simply cannot wait to invite, welcome and entertain them.     

Come 24th – 25th March they will be promenading with their parasols along Pride Hill, or wistfully walking up and down Wyle Cop in their theatrical finery! It could be said that Shrewsbury will be a recreation of how things used to be 120 years or so ago!

There will be dancing, singing, magic, music and laughter whilst also frequenting the fabulous and flamboyant Steampunk market in St Mary's Church, 10am – 4pm both days.

Restaurants, wine bars, cafes and coffee shops will be bursting with corsets and bustles! 

Shops will be full to the brim with top-hatted Victorians and elegant Edwardians.

Hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments will be full to their historic rafters! 

There will be the Steampunk fanatics, others will be Steampunk newbies and many will of course be Steampunk curious who will come to Shrewsbury to witness and enjoy the fun and excitement. 

 Many of the biggest names from the Steampunk world will be joining us, fabulous acts and activities which will ensure the Shrewsbury Steampunk Spectacular will become a permanent fixture on the Shrewsbury social scene calendar.