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Tanners Cellars - A Champagne Guided Tour

Tanners Cellars - A Champagne Guided Tour


Tanners historic Wyle Cop premises is well known in the old market town of Shrewsbury and beyond.

Our customers and our many visitors often ask for a peep ‘behind the scenes’ and with this in mind, we thought it was time to invite guests for an official guided tour!

This unique old building dates back to the 14th Century and has seen many changes over the years. With its full wealth of history, the walls are still a-buzz with people and the day to day running of the business. Guests will be greeted with a glass of Tanners Champagne before commencing a tour of the old cellars, passageway and the many rooms of this ancient Wyle Cop property.

Hear the old stories, be privy to showbiz tales from its use as a location for the 1984 adaptation of A Christmas Carol starring George C Scott, and learn what the building was before Tanners arrived here and the purposes it has served throughout Tanners residency right up to the present day.

We look forward to showing you around and sharing a bit of our history.

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