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Tanners Talks: The Villainous Victorians

Tanners Talks: The Villainous Victorians


The ancient market town of Shrewsbury has a prestigious past, its many and splendid buildings are so admired by tourists and locals alike BUT beneath its dormer windows, cobbled streets and Tudor façades lie a few rather nefarious characters and their stories.

From murderous manservants to incorrigible inebriates, 19th century Shrewsbury had a plethora of Villainous Victorians. The stories will go beyond these county borders to discuss crime in the 19th century, some famous and others less well known, we shall also look at social reform and some of the rather upsetting and unsettling institutions established by the government of the time, looking into the Victorian attitude to crime.

Join Tanners for an evening delving into the murderous past of this fair Isle. We shall start proceedings with a cellar tour of our famous and historic 26 Wyle Cop followed by an accompanying historical talk with Alix Chidley-Uttley who will cover prisons, asylums, and the dreaded workhouse; Richard Tisdale who will talk to guests about his records of historical racketeers and local villains; Jo Evans will regale us with stories of famed criminals and the lesser-known stories that filled the pages of the 19th century Penny Dreadfuls. An evening of nooks, crooks, and crannies awaits.

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