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Henry Tudor House

Henry Tudor House

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Take one of the oldest, most historic half-timbered buildings in Shrewsbury. Give it a beautiful zinc bar bathed in ever changing colours and add a conservatory with elegant chandeliers, framed by stunning iron birdcages. Then combine it with an exquisite oak framed restaurant and a luxurious private dining room. Finally, top it off with a big vaulted function room with some of the best acoustics in town, playing some of the best acts around…

Whether meeting with friends for a drink or joining with work colleagues for lunch. Bringing family and friends together for a celebration or being part of a special occasion: Welcome to Henry Tudor House!

We love to celebrate food in all its many traditions. Hearty stews, delicate souffles, creamy risottos, perfectly seared steaks – we celebrate flavour, quality, authenticity and culinary innovation – and to be honest, our Head Chef is a bit of a stickler for detail!

We believe wholeheartedly in engaging with nature, cherishing the rich and varied bounty that each season brings. We aim to blend three ingredients – guests, produce and ambiance – and make them shine. And if there’s something you’d like to see on our menu, let us know – we love a challenge!

We think matching the right moment to the right drink is one of the most rewarding things we can do. What’s better than getting together with friends, family and work mates, to share tales and create memories over great food, with a glass of something? Frankly nothing.

We hope you have as much fun trying our careful choice of wines and beers as we did (well someone had to do it!) – and when it comes to celebrating, we think drinks with a fizz have that special something. Which is why we sent our wine attaché, into the Epernay region with a quest, to discover something special, to find a ‘local’ champagne, with a family rather than a corporate twist. You won’t be disappointed.

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