Posted 08 Jul 2022

Low waste shopping in Shrewsbury

Reducing your carbon footprint, and shopping low waste and plastic free has never been easier, with many shops in Shrewsbury catering to the low waste lifestyle.
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Blue lemon2

Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon owners Jorg and Jenny have been hand-making soaps and skincare for over 10 years. Each item is made on-site in small batches, using minimal ingredients with a focus on vegan-friendly products free from palm oil, parabens, mineral oil, alcohol and emulsifiers. Many of their products are packaging-free or packaged in natural materials, including glass and aluminium bottles.

Body shop

The Body Shop

Why waste a container when you can refill it? The Body Shop has been at the forefront of the refill movement since the 70s and is on a mission to help clean up the planet with their refill station. Simply pick up one of their reusable aluminium bottles, ask a member of staff to fill it up with your favourite hair care, shower gel or handwash, and once it's empty bring it back for another refill. And each time you choose to refill you'll receive an extra 50ml of product for free!

Green options 1

Green Options Zero Waste

Located in the Darwin Centre, Green Options Zero Waste is an all-round zero-waste shopping experience. Here you'll find a plethora of refill options including olive oil, vinegars and shampoos and conditioners, as well as their gravity containers filled with a huge selection of dry produce. The shop is an Alladin's cave of plastic-free lifestyle items including water bottles, silicone sandwich bags, plastic-free toilet rolls, sanitary items and more!

The cupboard 1

Shrewsbury Market Hall

Over in our award-winning Market Hall, you'll find a treasure trove of low-waste and plastic-free options. The Cupboard sells beautiful, nostalgia-inspired household items all made from natural materials, intended to last. Here you'll find all your essentials including traditional mops, buckets and brooms as well as old-fashioned rug beaters, beeswax candles, tea towels, enamel dishware, wooden screwdrivers, furniture polish and more! Pictured above.

Minimise is on a mission to reduce needless waste in our day-to-day lives, whilst bringing the benefits of tasty, plastic-free, locally sourced produce to the town. Over 4 stalls you can browse a vast selection of produce including vegan, vegetarian and low-waste. Make sure to check out their gravity containers - here you can refill your containers with over 100 different dry goods, from almonds to pasta and much more!

Lily m 1

The Parade Shops

Newly opened in The Parade Shops, Lily M Skincare is your go-to for sustainable natural skincare. Owner Nisa handmakes each item with natural, organic, vegan and sustainable ingredients, with no added SLS or Parabens - perfect for even the most delicate skin! Plastic-free packaging is used wherever possible, instead opting for paper, glass and aluminium containers. Make sure to check out the Glow Prep Oil and Prebiotic Boost Toner, available with alternative aluminium lids so you can refill your empty bottles.

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