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Itadaki means 'to take the food life'; Zen means 'to fix, to mend'.

What you eat not only affects your day-to-day health but also helps to determine the quality of your life. Moreover, the Itadaki-zener believes that food is closely related to human consciousness as well as human body.

The primary end of the Itadaki-zen cuisine is not merely an agreeable taste, but its healing qualities.

The Itadaki-zen restaurant was born from the need to provide those who are strong advocates of taking responsibility for their own health and preventing as much illness as possible with a source of food as medicine.

In Itadaki-zen cuisine it is essential to eat a good balance of grains, vegetables and seaweeds. This will enable you to build a balanced, healthy and slim body.

Rice, root vegetables, seaweeds, soya beans, and by-products, are recurrent ingredients in our cuisine as they are deemed to be essential for a sanitary and strong metabolism. 'Slow food' characterizes the cuisine preparation, reflecting appreciation and care in the making of each dish. Anyone who ever thought that vegan meals were dull will be proved wrong by these dishes.

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