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Zero Waste shopping: A Shrewsbury how-to guide

Green Options, Darwin Centre

Shrewsbury is taking an ultra-modern approach to reducing waste in efforts to save the planet - with the emergence of several zero waste shops in town. 

Green Options zero waste shop is now doing a bustling trade on the upper level of the Darwin Centre, as shoppers vote with their feet and switch to more environmentally responsible practices. 

It's not the easiest way forward - to take your own jars and boxes to pick up your groceries - but it is the most environmentally friendly, say Sam Winterflood and Lillie Lockwood, who are behind Green Options. 

They spent a year working on organic farms, living almost plastic-free lives and are now determined to encourage others to abandon unnecessary packaging. 

Their store sells all kinds of groceries from bio/eco-friendly cleaning products, toiletries, bags and food wrapping, to cake ingredients, cereals and spices.  They even sell ‘neon steel straws’ as an alternative to plastic, bamboo cutlery and wooden toilet brushes!

Using alternatives to plastic packaging, and with refill options on offer, Green Options is resourceful and eco-conscious, encouraging customers to rethink their plastic shopping habits.

Sam said: “Having worked in recycling for councils in the UK and abroad I have seen how single-use items are disposed of in the thousands of tonnes,” says Sam. “In order to tackle this problem we have to change the way we shop.

We hope Shrewsbury is ready to join us in changing and challenging the way we shop and live.”

Rosie’s Emporium, on Frankwell island Shrewsbury, has also opened as a grocer’s shop for the Frankwell area, offering fresh produce and kitchen basics, with a commitment to encouraging plastic-free shopping. Customers are invited to refill their own containers and can purchase the quantities of food that they need.

Owner Rosie Piesse said: “Our produce will be locally sourced where-ever possible and plenty of fantastic local suppliers are already excited about selling their products (whether freshly baked breads, local cheeses or nut butter) through our shop.”

And over in our wonderful Market Hall, an exciting new stall The Cupboard, sells beautiful, nostalgia-inspired household hardware all made from natural materials, intended to last. The Cupboard has been set up by Liz Walton whose parents ran a hardware store back in the 1960s and 70s. This small, but beautifully formed stall stocks traditional mops, buckets and brooms as well as old fashioned rug beaters, straw leaf brooms, copper pan scrubbers and boot brushes along with enamel pie dishes, heavy cotton tea towels and beeswax tea light candles and furniture polish.


Find Green Options on the Upper Level of the Darwin Centre from Tuesday – Saturday, 9.30am-5pm (closed on Mondays) www.greenoptionszerowaste.co.uk

Rosie’s Emporium can be found at 91 Frankwell, Shrewsbury

The Cupboard is located amongst the canopied stalls on the middle level, The Market Hall