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Aida - Cancelled


After its successful season of Madama ButterflyCarmen and La Traviata last year, Russian State Opera returns to delight you with Verdi's AIDA, the timeless and emotional opera with breath-taking melodies. The brand new production guarantees to delight you with sumptuous sets and splendid new costumes, accompanied by a large live orchestra.

Set in Ancient Egypt, AIDA is a gripping love story set against the backdrop of war. The princess of Ethiopia falls in love with an Egyptian General and he is also besotted by her. Radames is chosen to lead the war with Ethiopia by the King and Aida is left to choose between her lover or her father and her country. 

AIDA features among its many highlights, Se quel Guerrier io fossi!, one of the most famous in the operatic world. This deeply moving opera overflows with emotion, amidst moments of despair and uncertainty. AIDA is a truly unforgettable and inspiring experience. 

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