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Severn Jesters


Previous Shrewsbury comedy club performers include GREG DAVIES, RUSSELL KANE, CHRIS RAMSEY and JOE LYCETT...



Comedian, Dad, Columnist, Daydreamer & Doodler, MARKUS BIRDMAN has travelled the world performing his jokes, stories, anecdotes and downright lies. He's also appeared on our TVs countless times... albeit probably late at night and on the more obscure channels like Channel 4 and BBC Three. 

"Witty, controversial, hip, topical, silly. A master of timing and physical comedy." BBC
"Completely spell-binding." Chortle


Winner of the prestigious New Act award "So You Think You're Funny" at the Edinburgh Festival in 2013 aged just 19, EDD HEDGES fully fits our middle act remit of "one to watch"


Comedian, Author, Chutney Maker and Mod, IAN MOORE has been headlining on the UK circuit for over a decade... which is made all the more difficult by the fact he resides in France. His books based on his life in France Á la Mod and C'est Modnifique!, both topped the bestsellers list while his chutneys are award winners in their own right. It's as a stand up, albeit a grumpy one, where he truly shines. He has appeared many times on TV and has headlined the comedy tents at Leeds & Reading Festivals, but is too well dressed to consider performing at Glastonbury.

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