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Shropshire Council

Council welcomes early impact of Shrewsbury's new University Centre

Shropshire Council has welcomed the early impact of Shrewsbury's new University Centre in the two months since the first undergraduates arrived to begin their studies. University Centre Shrewsbury welcomed its first undergraduates on schedule in September, after nearly two years of planning and preparation to make the University Centre a reality.

As part of this work an empty office block - Mardol House - has been converted into modern, town centre, student accommodation, the former council offices at Guildhall have been emptied and converted into teaching and office accommodation, and Rowley's House now provides teaching, office space and an information point.

And, for the first time, people will have seen home-grown university students visiting businesses in the town centre.

Claire Wild, Shropshire Council's Cabinet member with responsibility for University Centre Shrewsbury, said:

"It's still early days but the arrival of the University Centre has already made positive impact on Shrewsbury. Three notable town centre buildings have been converted and have now started new lives as university buildings, students are living in the town and visiting town centre businesses, and Shrewsbury really is starting to become established as a university town.

"The new accommodation really has breathed life back into one of Shrewsbury's most prominent town centre buildings.

"And housing students there is benefiting Shrewsbury's town centre, as they can easily visit the town's many shops, cafes, bars, clubs and other attractions. Local business owners have already commented on the very welcome arrival of students in the town.

"As the University Centre grows it will provide a real boost to the Shropshire economy. But, just as importantly it will improve access to Higher Education for Shropshire-based students, raise the profile of Shropshire, and help to meet the needs of businesses better across the county and beyond."