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Delightful new dance show promises to be 'just your cup of tea'

Tea. The nation's favourite tipple. And yet it's one that seems to divide us. Are you a milk in first sort of person? Sugar, sweeteners or nothing at all? Do you like a builder's brew or do you prefer the elegance of a cup of Earl Grey? Your answers might just indicate more about you than you think, and a new dance production 'Taste' will show you why when it opens at Theatre Severn on the 19th November.

'Taste' is the latest production from 'Cscape Dance', a Devon based company who used the tapestries of Grayson Perry as a starting point for their new show. The tapestries, which were created for the Channel 4 documentary 'All in the best possible taste', explored class and taste in modern Britain. They asked how we define ourselves by the things we own, how everyday decisions (like how we have our tea) reflect on who we are, and asked what tribes do we really belong to?

Choreographer and Artistic Director Sally Knight was intrigued by the ideas presented by the documentary. Sally said 'We took the themes of identity, choice, taste and class as initial starting points and spent hours in the rehearsal room devising, debating and delving into a whole side to British culture most of us never really think about. The results were surprisingly funny and upbeat, we've created something unique from that, there will be characters people recognise and the piece will definitely create some interesting discussions'

A mixture of energetic dance, comedy and the spoken word, the show also features the poetry of BBC Radio 6s Murray Lachlan Young. Sally said 'There are massive themes being explored in the show and several collaborators inputting, including the audience, so I'm helping to weave them together, into something that is meaningful, exciting, and accessible for everyone whichever 'tribe' you belong to.'

Taste will be at Theatre Severn on Thursday 19th November. Tickets are available by contacting the Box Office on 01743 281 281 or by visiting the venues website.