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Shrewsbury BID flower bombing Charles Darwin for Shrewsbury Flower Show

Flower power hits Shrewsbury town centre

The arrival of the Shrewsbury Flower Show was given a warm welcome by Shrewsbury BID this morning with two areas of the town centre transformed with an explosion of flowers and grass benches.

The statues of Charles Darwin and Clive of India woke up to a bright and flowery start in a stunt aimed to encourage visitors from the Flower Show to spend time and discover what the town centre has to offer.

Kirsten Henly, BID manager, said: "As the Flower Show is taking to Quarry Park on Friday and Saturday we wanted to catch the attention of those visiting and show them a flavour of the Flower Show in main focal points of the town centre.

"We created our 'one-off' gardens to demonstrate the town's offer and we hope that visitors to the show will take time to explore and enjoy."