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Telecoms expert welcomes technology investment

A Shropshire telecoms expert has welcomed the announcement of a major government investment in digital infrastructure.

Matt Sandford, who runs Shrewsbury-based Pure Telecom, was responding to the Autumn Statement by Chancellor Philip Hammond, which includes the launch of a new Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, to be worth around £1bn in total.

Mr Sandford says that the £400 million package will hopefully boost broadband and mobile phone signals in the county. Private investors are being asked to match the funding.

Alongside that, the government is pledging £740m to support a programme of trials for 5G mobile connections and the rolling out of fibre broadband across the country

"I welcome the move to improve broadband speeds and mobile phone signals across the country – this package will no doubt have an impact on rural counties like Shropshire where connections can be inadequate,” said Matt, whose company, based on Shrewsbury Business Park, specialises in mobile and fixed telephony systems as well as broadband provision.

"It is good news that the government is now putting a greater emphasis on research, technology and business in this country.

“A first class digital infrastructure is essential to our industrial strategy and I hope that the money will be spent where it is badly needed, in areas like Shropshire,” he said.

The Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, comes on the back of Teresa May’s announcement earlier this week that the Government would contribute an extra £2bn per year to research and development by 2020.