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Harvard academic to talk at University Centre Shrewsbury

Following his Darwin Lecture at Theatre Severn on Sunday 12th February, Dr Andrew Berry of Harvard University will lead a symposium at the Guildhall the next evening that seeks to deconstruct the way in which scientific innovation actually happens, challenging the traditional notion that discovery necessarily involves some kind of ‘eureka!’ moment.

Dr Berry’s talk is entitled Generating New Ideas: Scientific Innovation and the Discovery of Evolution by Natural Selection,

Dr Berry says, “Darwin, so myth has it, himself had something of a ‘eureka!’ a moment in the Galapagos Islands. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: he completely failed, at first, to understand the significance of what he had collected there.  

“Rather, science is a collaborative exercise, with different people adding their own distinct expertises to the mix. For Darwin, the penny dropped when, several months after the Beagle had returned to Britain, he discussed his Galapagos bird specimens with John Gould, a leading ornithologist. It’s typically networks of scientists who collectively create new scientific ideas, rather than the genius individuals of legend.” 

Join Dr Berry and Professor John Williams, UCS Director of Postgraduate Medicine, at UCS at 6pm on Monday 13th February to explore the way collaborative thinking applies to innovation in spheres far beyond science.

This exclusive symposium is aimed at students, sixth formers, and those involved in further education – as well as anyone with an interest in the topic. University Centre Shrewsbury continues to value the advance of high-quality collective learning throughout Shropshire, and to seek opportunities to collaborate with respected academic institutions throughout the world.

Attendance is free, but booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Call 01743 297553 or email [email protected] to book places.