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Longest-running independent gym celebrates 20 years

BodyTech celebrates 20 years

One of Shrewsbury’s longest-running independent gyms has reached its 20-year milestone.

BodyTech Health Club was founded by businessman and fitness trainer Jeff Anderson in 1999 and has expanded over the years to include centres in Whitchurch and Market Drayton

While gyms have come and gone in Shrewsbury, BodyTech, based in Mardol, has weathered massive changes in the health and fitness industry by remaining competitive and diversifying.

As well as offering a modern gym, fitness classes and personal training, the company is now a leading regional centre for the training of fitness instructors and personal trainers up to NVQ Level 4.

Two years ago BodyTech also launched an adventure company that organises fitness-based challenge events in the UK and abroad, attracting participants from all over the UK.

“Years ago we saw the huge competition from the budget gyms coming. We’ve constantly evolved to survive and built a strong business by diversifying,” said Mr Anderson.

“We’re still one of the best value for money gyms in the area, but education and training has become a big part of our business too, offering NVQs and apprenticeships.

“We not only train people here at The Bodytech Institute of Training and Education, but we now go out to other gyms to train staff.”

Mr Anderson previously worked as a research scientist and international business director within the chemical industry, but fitness training had been a hobby and a passion since he was a teenager. Proceeds from the sale of an international business allowed him to establish BodyTech. 

He was joined in the business by director Peter Metcalf, former Fitness Director aboard the QE2, a few months after opening in 1999 and general manager Justin Klekot in 2006.

“I’m totally passionate about how exercise transforms the quality of people’s lives,” said Mr Anderson.

“Exercise can work for everybody. Our oldest member is 98. Aging is a process you cannot avoid, but you can certainly slow the aging process.”