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New lighting will boost river safety

Night time use of the footpath on a stretch of the River Severn has been improved thanks to additional new lighting introduced by the Town Council. Eight new lighting columns have been installed along a section of the river in the Castlefields area.

The soft-tone LED lights can be directed at specific spots providing better illumination for the footpath, whilst also reducing light pollution for nearby residents.

Members of the Council agreed to install the lighting after carrying out a review of the current stock it is currently responsible for between the English Bridge and the Weir.

The report highlighted a minority of areas where lighting dipped slightly between two posts. The new lights, which work via sensors which automatically control them, will rectify this. As with all Town Council lights, they will remain on throughout the night time.

A number of bulbs along the pathway have also been replaced to improve illumination. A second phase of lighting is to be replaced with new ones over the next month.

Councillor Alan Mosley, ward member for Castlefields & Ditherington said: "Local residents and other users seem to be delighted with the impact of the project. Our initial investment has been money very well spent and there will be long term savings on running costs and maintenance. The lighting makes the riverside a much more pleasant and safer place to be in the evening."

Councillor Miles Kenny, Mayor of Shrewsbury added: "The improved lighting makes a huge difference. I, and a lot of my constituents, use the towpath on foot or on bike and it's much easier at night. I have to add that the Town Council made the decision to install the improved lighting and work started pretty soon after the decision was made. Impressive stuff."