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Nunkie Theatre Company presents The Time Machine: An Invention

Meet the first Time Lord, as Nunkie Theatre Company revive their critically acclaimed one-man show based on H G Wells’s classic science-fiction novella The Time Machine at Theatre Severn, in celebration of the author’s 150th birthday.

1895. In a suburban garden, beneath a waning moon, a man lies beside a remarkable machine. He has a story to tell. A story of darkness and light. Of fire and fear. Of Eloi and Morlocks. An unbelievable story about our future that he insists is true. Is it a joke? A prophecy? A dream…?

The Time Machine was published in 1895 and popularised the concept of time travel in literature. It has influenced generations of subsequent writers, been adapted twice by Hollywood and has retained a prominent position in the public imagination, even if Wells’s original narrative has been largely forgotten. Now this classic dystopian fantasy is brought vividly to life by Robert Lloyd Parry in a thrilling stage adaptation that returns to the brilliant, ground-breaking source.

Nunkie are perhaps best known for their acclaimed retellings of the ghost stories of M R James - Lloyd Parry played James in Mark Gatiss’ recent BBC documentary “Ghost Writer.” But in contrast to those simply staged, atmospheric productions, The Time Machine features a full-sized realisation of the machine itself: a giant metronome designed and built by Factory Settings Ltd who created many of the props used in the 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony. The Time Machine was developed with The Lowry and Harrogate Theatre and originally funded by Arts Council England.