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Programme of roadworks and road improvements to be carried out in Shrewsbury

A programme of roadworks and road improvements will be taking place across Shrewsbury from spring 2016 until late 2017.

To be carried out under the Shrewsbury highways improvements programme, these works fall into three categories:

  • Essential work by utilities companies.
  • Works related to current and future housing developments.
  • Work being carried out as part of the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP), which aims to reduce traffic and make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to get into and around the town.

These important works will maintain local highways and utility services around the town to the highest standards, and deliver major investment in further improvements required for the continued growth of Shrewsbury’s housing and town centre economy

Some short-term disruption for road users is, unfortunately inevitable, but the works have been carefully programmed and coordinated by Shropshire Council and its utility company partners to minimise disruption and inconvenience to Shrewsbury residents, businesses and visitors.

Shrewsbury will be very much ‘open for business’ while this programme of work is carried out.

Further information

For more information, including a list of works included in this programme, please go to the Shropshire Council website, where you will also find regular progress updates throughout the works.

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