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Shrewsbury Fields Forever Cancelled

It is with regret that Shrewsbury Town Council has had to take the decision not to proceed with finalising the booking for the Shrewsbury Fields Forever Festival, scheduled to take place in the Quarry next month.

This is following the previous deferment of the event on the request of the festival organiser.

The rescheduled event was due to take place over the weekend of 16th to 18th September.

At a meeting of the Council's Recreation & Leisure Committee last week, members expressed their frustration that, despite officers' efforts over the last two and a half years to work with the event organiser, insufficient information was available to confirm the booking.

Councillor Jon Tandy said "The Town Council has always had a very proactive approach in encouraging event organisers to use the Quarry. We have an extensive programme which adds colour and variety to the town. But our focus has always been to ensure quality events which are safe for those who attend, that show good value for money and that leave those event goers feeling they have had a good time. To do that we require good event planning. In this case, I am afraid we couldn't be assured that those values could be achieved."

Local Ward Member Councillor Andrew Bannerman outlined his initial support for the event. He said: "When the event organiser first approached the Town Council in 2014, I was quite satisfied that the event could be accommodated within the Quarry. It is sad that the event organiser has been unable to follow the very positive guidance given to him by officers."

Council Leader Councillor Alan Mosley supported the decision and said: “The Town Council has gained an excellent reputation of hosting and supporting new events in the Quarry so that many have flourished to become central to the Shrewsbury, and Shropshire, events programme. In this case, the same very high level of support has been provided. Unfortunately, due to significant factors entirely beyond the Town Council’s control, we have been left with no alternative but to take the decision not to proceed with the booking. We do this with reluctance but it is based on the interests of residents, the Council and potential participants.”

All ticketing queries should be directed to the point of purchase, Shrewsbury Town Council is not responsible for issuing ticket refunds or exchanges.