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Shroosbury voted the triumphant pronunciation in charity debate

'Shroosbury' was voted the winning pronunciation of Shropshire's county town at a charity debate hosted by University Centre Shrewsbury. Yesterday's event at Rowley's House raised more than £500 for Shrewsbury Ark, a drop-in centre helping homeless and vulnerable people.

The pronunciation of 'Shrewsbury' is an ongoing topic of discussion. Some say 'Shroosbury' (as in rhyming with Grews-bury) and some say 'Shrowsbury' (as in rhyming with Grows-bury), with other pronunciations also being used.

Historians stepped forward to share the arguments for each side, BBC Radio Shropshire presenter Jim Hawkins chaired the debate and music was provided by Paul and Nikki Henshaw, joined by Brother Braddaz.

The music from Paul, Nikki and Brother Braddaz included a performance of Ben's Song, a song by Ben Bebbington, in whose memory the Big Busk in Shrewsbury is held.

Stop. Coffee Shop also supported the event including baking special 'Shroosbury' and 'Shrowsbury' biscuits.

About £250 was raised on the evening, with University Centre Shrewsbury adding a further donation to make up the total. The money will also be Gift Aided, adding 25p for every £1 donated.

Paul Kirkbright, University Centre Shrewsbury Deputy Provost, said: "It was a great debate and fantastic to see everyone at Rowley's House supporting the event and the Ark.

"It was really interesting to hear about how the different pronunciations have evolved and listen to people's views on the subject.

"I'd like to say a big thank you to Jim Hawkins, Paul and Nikki Henshaw, Brother Braddaz, our academics who argued for the different pronunciations - Professor Tim Jenkins and Doctor James Pardoe - Mike and Nicola from Stop, and everyone who came and joined us at the event."

Tim Compton, Manager at Shrewsbury Ark, added: "We are really grateful for the support as we attempt to settle once and for all the pronunciation of Shrewsbury.

"But aside from the fun and banter, the important thing is that this is a truly wonderful place to live and work, and the compassion shown towards the more vulnerable in our town is overwhelming. Thank you Shrewsbury."

The results of the vote were:


  • Shroosbury 58%
  • Shrowsbury 33%
  • Other 7%
  • Spoilt papers 2%