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Bridging the Void at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Sun rises on new interactive dance performance

This march the experiential dance company will be saying 'goodbye' to winter and 'hello' to the sunshine as they visit Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn.

The innovative dance group's new show 'Bridging the Void' pays tribute to the sunrise, and they want Shropshire audiences to get involved.

The London based dance companies new piece is very much about audience interaction, it is a standing event, which is unusual for a dance performance at any venue. Audiences will enter the theatre in complete darkness, and gradually the dancers, the sounds of the sunrise, and filmed footage begin to unfold around them. Experiential Dance would like, and encourage, the audience to wander around the space, and encounter the performers and react to the production as it develops.

The absorbingly beautiful and unusual piece has been choreographed by Rachel Johnson. Rachel said "I want to give audiences the opportunity to get involved in the performance; to hear, see and feel the beauty of the sunrise and the movement both emotionally and physically. When we performed the piece last year, audiences were initially curious and intrigued; as their curiosity gave way they began to relax and people were happy to join in, enjoy the experience and leave the theatre feeling uplifted."

She continued "I was inspired to make the piece after an amazing trip to Arizona. The beauty and serenity of the desert sunrise is really something to behold and I felt stilled by it. On my travels I met a Native American who shared his family mantra with me: 'Every day is followed by sunrise'. It got me thinking and I started to work on the piece that would eventually become 'Bridging the Void'."

As well as the immersive nature of the piece, the company are asking people from all over the country to share their memories and experiences of sunrises prior to the performance via their website. The photos, videos and, and memories will all be collated and shared at venues across the UK.

Venue spokesman Pip Bayley said 'Wow! I don't think we have ever offered our audiences the chance to get so up close to a dance piece before. If anyone is feeling nervous about the experience, I would urge them to come along and give it a try, you can interact as much as you want (even not at all) and I guarantee you will be part of something truly unique and original.'

'Bridging the Void' will be at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn on Wednesday 16th March. Tickets are available by contacting the Box Office on 01743 281 281 or by visiting the Theatre Severn website.