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Visit strengthens links with the Americas

University Centre Shrewsbury welcomed a guest from the United States to discuss the development of partnerships with universities in the Americas. Carlos Kearns, the University of Chester's representative for the continents of North and South America, visited Shrewsbury on Tuesday July 14, 2015.
He was given a tour of the town, and spent time with University Centre staff, including Senior Project Officer, Russ Millhouse.
University Centre Shrewsbury invites applications from across the world, and Mr Kearns, based in Pennsylvania, is helping to build links between the institution and universities in the Americas.
Mr Millhouse said: "We were delighted to welcome Mr Kearns to Shrewsbury.
"It was a pleasure to show him the opportunities that Shrewsbury offers for international students, from the fantastic location to the innovative curriculum - and discuss how our students from the UK and other countries can benefit from joining with universities in the United States, Canada and South America.
"We have already received applications from a range of countries and, with this new partnership, we can further foster our international standing.
"We look forward to continuing to work together to strengthen links between the University Centre and the Americas."
Mr Kearns said: "Shrewsbury offers an excellent choice for students to study high-quality courses, develop their entrepreneurial skills, and enjoy an outstanding experience, all in a beautiful location.
"We'll be looking at progressing opportunities for students from the Americas to study in Shrewsbury, as well as opportunities for University Centre Shrewsbury students to spend time during their course in the Americas.
"We'll be exploring potential collaborations with universities in the Americas that have similar aims and values, to form effective partnerships, and promote excellence for the institutions in the different parts of the world."
University Centre Shrewsbury is being created by the University of Chester and Shropshire Council to offer new and varied prospects for students, Shropshire and beyond.
Mr Kearns' day in Shrewsbury follows a visit by Jin Xu, the University of Chester's representative in China, and Chinese entrepreneur and doctoral researcher Sen Yang, at the end of February.