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Shrewsbury never sleeps. Discover the latest goings-on, stories and must-read news to come out of the original one-off.

Where to eat vegetarian in Shrewsbury

With meat-free lifestyles becoming more mainstream, we have collated a selection of restaurants to give you a flavour of Shrewsbury’s most exciting vegetarian hang-outs.

The Hive celebrates £350,000 National Lottery funding

The Hive celebrates after receiving £350,000 from the National Lottery to support young adults struggling with the transition to independence.

5 Original places to stay in Shrewsbury

Whether you're coming for business, holiday or a weekend getaway, Shrewsbury has a wealth of hostelries to suit all tastes and budgets to guarantee a good night's sleep.

Vogue names Itadakizen as one of the best Vegan restaurants

Vogue magazine has named Itadakizen one of London's top Vegan Restaurants, and Shrewsbury is lucky enough to play host to their sister restaurant.

5 Original Events in Shrewsbury this June

If you're stuck for something to do in Shrewsbury, then make sure to check out our guide of the best events happening this June .

4 Original venues to tie the knot in Shrewsbury

Nestled within the loop of the Severn, Shrewsbury is a town bursting with character. With its secret gardens, grand mansions and quirky hotels, Shrewsbury is the perfect setting for the day of your dreams. We'd like to introduce you to five of the most Original locations in town to get you started.

Shrewsbury's historic Flaxmill comes back to life.

Shrewsbury’s historic flaxmill is coming back to life thanks to a £20.7m restoration programme. Local photographer Florence Fox took this beautiful series of photographs of the renovations on one of the public tours of the UK’s first skyscraper.

Jonathan Soden: A Picture of Success

In case it has escaped your notice, there is a little gallery on Wyle Cop bringing some serious ‘blue chip’ artworks to Shrewsbury. We asked owner Jonathan-Lee Soden how he does it.