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Crazy comedy will have audiences glued to their seats!

A 700 word short story by a relatively unknown Israeli author may not be the most obvious place to seek inspiration for a comedy drama. But that is exactly where performers Filipa Thomas and Bradley Wayne Smith got the idea for 'Crazy Glue' and Shropshire theatre goers will have a chance to see the results this November when the show arrives at Theatre Severn.

Lead actor Bradley explained how they hit upon the idea: 'Two or Three years ago Filipa found a book of short stories by Etgar Keret on my bookshelf. She thought it was fascinating and was interested in seeing if we could do a stage version of it. It's only three pages long so we had to create quite a lot of additional material, it's still the same key image, the same title, but quite a lot of the rest of it has been reimagined'

Dealing with a newlywed couple, the play follows the pair as they find their first love give way to the thornier terrain of married life. The lovers learn how far they will go to fix their relationship, even when it seems beyond repair. Both Filipa and Bradley have a background in clowning and physical theatre and the high action comedy uses elements of slapstick, and vaudevillian silent comedy and has been compared to a live action cartoon!

As well as the high energy performances another unusual element is that the entire story is told only using sound effects and made up language. Bradley explained: 'We don't use the English language, it's the couples own language, it's what unites them. That and the sound effects, when they go through their morning rituals, when they wash their faces, she combs her hair, and he shaves his face. We do the noises, but it is the switching of who does the noises that bonds them'.

This tour will be the first time the show has been seen in England, but the company have performed to popular and critical acclaim across the world, earlier this year the pair performed at Germany's Recklinghausen Festival as well as the Physical Festival of Chicago.

'Crazy Glue' will be at Theatre Severn on Saturday November 7th. Tickets are available by visiting the Theatre Severn website or by contacting the Box Office on 01743 281 281.