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Dr Jason Mazanov at University Centre Shrewsbury

Free event to place the focus on arguments surrounding anti-doping

An international expert on the management of drugs in sport is visiting University Centre Shrewsbury to share his insights and pose the question of 'Does Anti-Doping Do More Harm Than Good?' Dr Jason Mazanov will travel from the other side of the world to discuss his research in this field with students, staff and the community.

People are invited to hear from Dr Mazanov on anti-doping policy and join the debate at Guildhall, Shrewsbury, on Thursday 25th February. The event is free and runs from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Dr Mazanov, from the University of New South Wales, Australia, said: "The World Anti-Doping Code was introduced to protect the integrity of sport in 2003.

"The recent scandals engulfing the International Association of Athletics Federations add to evidence indicating that the anti-doping stance and policy have done little to arrest doping, and consequently protect the integrity of sport.

"Instead, anti-doping has created new harms to the credibility of sport, from governance failures that exclude athletes from decision-making through to discrimination against women, children and non-elite sport.

"This raises the question whether anti-doping can protect sport's reputation and principles, or a different approach to either drug control or the integrity of sport is needed."

Dr Mazanov has developed a strong interest in the role of performance enhancement more broadly, with his research spanning more than a decade, and a special interest in so-called cognitive enhancing drug use in education.

This interest is supported by being Founding Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Performance Enhancement and Health, which explores the intended and unintended consequences of technology designed to enhance the human condition with regards to physical, social and spiritual health; from gadgets such as smart phones to management systems including anti-doping and recreation leave.

Dr Mazanov has made more than 100 media appearances across broadcast, webcast and major news sites.

During his visit to University Centre Shrewsbury, Dr Mazanov will also lead a joint seminar between Sport Management, Health and Exercise Science and Applied Psychology students.

To book places at the public lecture asking 'Does Anti-Doping Do More Harm Than Good?' visit Eventbrite or call 01743 297185.