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Launch of video celebrating Shrewsbury Market Hall

From buzzing cafes and veg sellers to jolly butchers and talented craftspeople a new video has been launched celebrating the life of Shrewsbury Market Hall. The video has been shot by young Shrewsbury film-maker Aaron Child who wanted to capture the action, atmosphere and colour of the award-winning market.

It was commissioned by Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council, who jointly manage the market, as part of special events marking the building's 50th anniversary year.

The one-and-a-half minute film, posted on Youtube, documents a day in the life of the busy market which includes everything from food stalls and eateries to vintage sellers and artists working on the premises.

And it not only features the busy stallholders but many members of the public.

"The video is beautiful and it absolutely sums up what it's like to visit the market. Nothing was stage managed," said stallholder Heidi Butter, of The Pampered Pineapple.

"The market is a community of people and Aaron has brillianty captured the cheerful atmosphere, energy and spirit of the place."

Mr Child, who runs his own video production company Painted Life Productions, based in Shrewsbury, has known the market since his mother ran a stall there until a few years ago.

He said: "I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create a film for the Market Hall. It's a vibrant, supportive and positive community that I've gotten to know well over the last few years. The aim was to capture the diversity of the stalls as well as the great people who make the Market Hall the place it is."

Facilities manager Kate Gittins said the market had been overwhelmed by the feedback it had received to the video.

"So many people have told us how much they love it. We're very grateful to Aaron who has done a fantastic job. He paid such close attention to detail and has captured some really lovely moments.

"We hope all the members of the public, who gave their permission to be filmed, will enjoy being part of this creation."

The video can be watched here.