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Charity head shave Shrewsbury

Lyndsay loses her locks for charity birthday celebrations

A young woman who weighed just one pound when she was born has marked her 30th birthday by having her head shaved for two children's charities, one of them for premature babies. Lyndsay Reid, who works in the Pride Hill Shopping Centre, wanted to do something different to celebrate her milestone birthday and raise money for good causes at the same time.

So she decided to chop off all her locks and give them to a group who make wigs for children who have lost their own hair through illness.

Not only that Lyndsay, who works at The Entertainer, gathered enough sponsorship to donate almost £400 to The Little Princess Trust as well as her hair, and the same amount to premature baby charity Bliss.

Lyndsay, who lives with her husband in Shrewsbury, said: "I got married in August this year and I'd been growing my hair for the wedding.

"I decided that once I got it cut I could do something with it. I turned 30 in November too and wanted to do something a bit different. I'd heard about The Little Princess Trust who make wigs for kids who are going through cancer and other things so contacted them.

"I also decided to raise money for Bliss because I was a premature baby myself. I was born at about 25 weeks and weighed just one pound so it was really touch and go for my parents.

"They have talked about how hard it was and I suppose I give those people with premature babies a bit of hope and I wanted to give something to the cause.

"I set myself a target of raising £400, but The Entertainer donated £500 straight away so anything else was a bonus. To have reached £780 already is brilliant and people can still give to my fundraising page."

Having worked at Pride Hill for two years, Lyndsay knew her colleagues would be supportive and she had her hair cut at Francesco's on Bellstone in Shrewsbury where staff also donated to the causes Lyndsay is fundraising for.

She said: "While they were doing it they were asking if I wanted a number three to finish it off, but I went for a number one. I was only going to do it once so why not?

"Everyone at work has been stroking my head and having a feel and it's a bit chilly but then I've chosen to do it at the coldest time of the year too!

"My friend bought me a hat and my husband says it looks great, he loves it actually. I will grow it a bit but I think I'll keep it pretty short now I've had it done as it's quite a weight off my neck."

Kevin Lockwood, Manager of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, said: "What a fantastic gesture by Lyndsay and what two wonderful causes.

"Bliss clearly means a great deal to Lyndsay and her family as she was premature herself and was so tiny when she was born.

"She has clearly had wonderful support, especially from her colleagues at The Entertainer."

At the time of the chop, Lyndsay's hair was down to her shoulders, approximately 30cm in length, and she was able to donate about 20cm of it to The Little Princess Trust as well as the money raised.

She will give the rest to Bliss in recognition of their work supporting the 50,000 plus babies born too soon every year in the UK.

Anyone who hasn't yet contributed to Lyndsay's fundraising efforts can still do so by visiting her Just Giving page, where they can choose which cause their money helps.