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University Centre Shrewsbury. Priority for MP Daniel Kawczynski

MP names University Centre Shrewsbury as one of his priorities

"A vital economic and educational boost" are the words used by MP Daniel Kawczynski this week to describe the impact of the creation of University Centre Shrewsbury as he names its progression among his nine priorities for the next five years. In an exclusive article for Shrewsbury Today, the MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham explains why University Centre Shrewsbury, and its development into a free-standing University, are high on his agenda.

He said: "In 1962 Shropshire was offered a university by the then Government but the fight between Shrewsbury and Telford as to where the university should be sited, resulted in that university being withdrawn and given to Lancaster.

"Lancaster is now in the top ten of English universities and independent financial analysis demonstrates that Lancaster benefits to the tune of over £185m a year coming into the town as a result of the university.

"I have supported and promoted the work of our Council collaborating with the University of Chester to set up the University of Shrewsbury. This is a vital economic and educational boost for our town.

"I will continue to use my position as MP to do everything possible to ensure our Council gets the appropriate financial and logistical support from the Minister responsible for Universities to expand and promote Shrewsbury's university standing and the range of courses that will afford young Salopians and others coming to study in our town."

University Centre Shrewsbury Deputy Provost, Paul Kirkbright said: "It is wonderful that Daniel Kawczynski has named University Centre Shrewsbury among his priorities, and that he is committed to doing everything possible to support its development as we welcome undergraduates in a few months' time and move towards becoming an independent university in the years ahead."

It is planned that the institution will become a standalone University, which will award its own taught degrees, within about the next eight years, and slightly longer before it will be able to award its own research degrees.

Until then courses are accredited by the University of Chester, which brings a strong learning tradition, established over 175 years, to ensure that students receive a world-class education.