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Climb Shrewsbury's highest monument in 2016

Lord Hill's Column, opposite Shirehall in Shrewsbury, will once again be open to the public during 2016. Last year over 1,300 people climbed the 172 steps to see the remarkable views from the top and contribute to the preservation of this important monument. Although the column itself has been restored, the statue of Lord Hill at the top needs to be replaced with a replica and public support is essential to help Shropshire Council make successful applications for grants to pay for this.

This year marks an important anniversary for The Column - it will be 200 years old on 18th June 2016. It is an exceptional historical asset for the county and, properly maintained, it could become a major element in Shropshire's tourism industry.

The Column will be open on the following dates and times:


  • Monday 28th March Easter Monday Bank Holiday 1100 - 1600 inclusive
  • Saturday 9th April - see below **
  • Monday 30th May Late May Bank Holiday 1100 - 1600 inclusive
  • Saturday 18th June Bicentenary Day of completion of the Column 1100 - 1600 inclusive
  • Sunday 17th July 1200 - 1600 inclusive
  • Saturday 20th August 1100 - 1600 inclusive
  • Sunday 11th September Heritage Open Day 1200 - 1600 inclusive.

Groups of up to 14 people will make the climb every half hour.


A special event is being planned for Saturday 9th April. The Column will be open on a first come, first served basis on the half hour from 1300-1600 inclusive. No prior bookings on this day.

There are 172 stairs so three things are essential:


  • All applicants must be confident that they are fit enough to climb a spiral staircase of 172 stairs, enjoy the view from the top and descend again in 29 minutes.
  • All applicants must know that they have a head for heights.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be very carefully supervised bearing in mind that each climb can last only 29 minutes maximum. Those with children must make up their own minds if they think that their children are old enough and strong enough to manage this quite steep climb. It is exciting, BUT for a child a high spiral staircase can seem endless! Sturdy 5-year olds manage the climb, and very small children are welcome if carried.
  • Pre-booking is essential . Contact [email protected] or ring 01743 244668


    A Waiting List will be opened as required in case of cancellations at a later date.

    All those with booked places are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the time of their climb.

    Please apply stating:


  • Which day you would like to make the climb.
  • Your preferred time - please offer alternative times if possible.
  • How many places you want.
  • Remember to arrive 15 minutes before the stated half hour slot of your choice.
  • Entry £5, conferring automatic Life Membership of the Friends of Lord Hill's Column. A card is given entitling the holder to free climbs for life, on open days. Students and children: Free.