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The Early History of the Other Shrewsbury

A talk by a respected historian at Rowley’s House on Wednesday 8th February will explore the way in which English royalty sought to consolidate military defence in New England, with a focus on the American namesake of Shropshire’s county town. Dr Rachael Abbiss specialises in the military history of the late 17th century, in particular, the administration, composition and operational use of the army and navy during the reign of James VII and II and the development of Britain as an international power.

To support the army and provide better security for both colonists and territory, forts and garrisons throughout New England were rejuvenated and constructed between 1686 and 1689. This lecture will consider the early history of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and the impact of defensive measures and military organisation throughout the region.

The talk begins at 1pm at University Centre Shrewsbury’s Rowley’s House. To book a place, contact [email protected] or call 01743 297553.